Come and You Will See

[The following is an excerpt from the Introduction to Feet to Follow, Eyes to See]

Andrew and John, two fishermen from Galilee, were fascinated by John the Baptist and his message that Messiah would be coming soon. When the baptizer identified a man walking by as the “Lamb of God,” the two fishermen began following this man at a distance. Eventually the man turned around and asked them what they were looking for. All they could think to say was, “Rabbi, where are you staying?”

“Come and you will see,” He replied.

When Andrew and John asked where Jesus was staying, they were really saying that they wanted to follow Him and hear His message. So Jesus invited them to come and promised that if they came, they would see. They had no idea at the time how much they would see, no idea how much their eyes would be opened and their lives would be changed. At that moment they simply had feet to follow wherever Jesus would lead and the eyes to see whatever He would show them.

When my wife and I traveled to Israel in early 2011, the sign that greeted us at Ben Gurion Airport read Beruchim habayim. The way to say, “welcome” in Hebrew, it’s a phrase which literally means “blessed are those who come.” We had come with feet ready to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and the hope that the experience would give us eyes to see Him in a way we never had before. We had no idea at that moment how truly blessed we would be in coming.

“Come and you will see,” Jesus promised.

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