The Greatest Stories Ever Told

Sally realized she had forgotten her lunch money when her bus was already halfway to school…

That’s the way many devotionals begin: with a brief anecdote presenting a simple problem, its quick resolution, and a loose connection to some biblical principle. There’s a place for such devotionals, but they do little to deepen our understanding of the Bible.

Feet to Follow, Eyes to See is different. The stories it tells come from the Bible itself: narratives such as David’s battle with Goliath, Elijah’s showdown with the prophets of Baal, Jesus’ deliverance of the Gerasene demoniac, etc. After all, aren’t those the greatest stories ever told?

The Elah Valley, where David fought Goliath

Yet Feet to Follow, Eyes to See goes beyond merely retelling the biblical narratives by actually showing you where those events took place. Each day’s devotion is illustrated with maps or photos designed to help you understand the real-world setting of the biblical story. Biblical events that may have been hard to understand will suddenly come to life. You’ll no longer be able to see them as helpful morality tales you learned in Sunday School, but as real accounts of real people who were very much like you and me.

Each day’s devotion ends by challenging you to consider how the biblical story applies to your own story. Once you understand the human drama behind these narratives, it becomes easy to see the parallels in your own life.

In short, Feet to Follow, Eyes to See invites you to step into the greatest stories ever told and see them from a fresh perspective. Isn’t that more interesting than hearing what Sally did for lunch?

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