The Idea for a New Kind of Devotional

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Feet to Follow, Eyes to See is a new kind of devotional: one which transports you to the location of a biblical story, helps you experience that story from a fresh perspective, and challenges you to apply that story to your own life.

Where did the idea for such a devotional come from? I’m glad you asked!

As I mention in the introduction to the book (partially excerpted here), my wife and I were privileged to travel to Israel earlier this year. Both our tour guide and the man who organized the tour were experts in biblical geography, so we were blessed to receive a lot of information about the sites we visited and their biblical significance. It was a bit like drinking from a firehose, yet somehow, our tour guide was able to take all that information and show us its devotional value.

When we returned home, we were still trying to process everything we had seen and learned. We began sorting through photos, telling our family and friends about the various places we had visited, and figuring out how to communicate our excitement without making people look at all 2,000 photos.

At the same time, I was trying to catch up on my work for Accordance Bible Software. We were about to release a new daily devotional reading feature, and I wanted to offer some new devotionals that would take advantage of the feature. I found a number of classic devotionals online and converted them into Accordance modules, but I also began thinking of ideas for other devotionals we could add.

Like the old Reese’s peanut-butter cup commercials where someone with a jar of peanut butter bumps into someone with a chocolate bar, the thoughts swirling in my head suddenly collided. I conceived of a devotional that would provide the same spiritual insight I had gained on my trip.

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