It’s Not Always the Postcard Photo

Two children at play in full view of an overlook platform in Jerusalem.

In Feet to Follow, Eyes to See, each day’s devotion is illustrated with one or two photographs from Israel. Yet it’s not always the picturesque postcard photo which merits inclusion. As I’ve been writing this devotional, I’ve been surprised at some of the unusual shots which have inspired various meditations. Take this shot, for example.

This photo was taken from an overlook platform near the church of St. Peter Gallicantu in Jerusalem. The platform offers spectacular views of the Temple Mount to the east and the Hinnom Valley to the south. It is only if you happen to look down that you see these tightly-clustered homes connected by a narrow alley. If I hadn’t noticed two Arab children playing in the dusty yard and running through the alley, I would have immediately turned my attention back to the more scenic views. But I paused just long enough to snap this shot, mainly because I thought it would be of interest to my children back home.

It was only later, when I began writing this book, that I saw the parallel between my downward gaze and that of an earlier resident of Jerusalem. Can you guess which one?

Needless to say, I am now very glad I snapped this photo which is so lacking in scenic beauty. As a window into a biblical story and a stimulus to personal reflection, it’s one of the most important shots I took.

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3 Responses to It’s Not Always the Postcard Photo

  1. kvmagruder says:

    “Can you guess which one?” – David. Very poignant.
    I can’t wait for the book – will it be available soon? As an Accordance module?

  2. langgang says:

    Thanks, Kerry, for the encouragement. I’m pursuing print publishers now, and when there’s news to share, I’ll post it here. Whatever happens on the print front, Feet to Follow will definitely be made available as an Accordance module.

  3. kvmagruder says:

    I’ll buy both formats! 🙂

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