A Very Nice Rejection

Yesterday I received an extremely encouraging response from a publisher regarding Feet to Follow, Eyes to See. After reviewing my manuscript, they declined to publish it.

How can that possibly be encouraging? The Acquisitions Editor who reviewed the manuscript explained that it was not the kind of book they generally publish, then went on to write:

I did want to let the author know that I personally benefitted from reading it. I found myself thinking through his devotional points and applying them to my life as I read. Also, I liked his clean and unhurried writing style — writing for a set space like a 2-page spread can be difficult and he made it look effortless.

So, although Feet to Follow, Eyes to See is not a good fit for that particular publisher, the editor who reviewed it had the very experience I hoped readers would have.

The danger of writing a different kind of devotional is that a publisher may not have a place for it. Yet if it does what a devotional should—inspiring personal reflection in a way that doesn’t feel artificial or contrived—then I’m encouraged that it’s a book that should, and will, be published.

I want to express my appreciation to the editor who took the time to send these words of encouragement. He could simply have said, “No, thanks,” but he went the extra mile to offer his positive feedback.

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