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Preach the Artistry of the Narratives

Two weeks ago, I urged preachers to preach the narratives of the Bible, rather than focusing merely on the more didactic passages. Last week I argued that they should preach the ambivalence of the narratives, being careful not to try … Continue reading

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Preach the Ambivalence of the Narratives

Last Sunday I encouraged you preachers out there to preach the narratives from time to time, rather than focusing exclusively on the didactic portions of Scripture which may translate easily into didactic sermons. This Sunday, I want to encourage you … Continue reading

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Preach the Narratives

One of the most spiritually enriching periods of my life was the summer before my senior year in high school. I was working as a lifeguard at some local lakes, and it was perhaps the cushiest job I’ve ever had. … Continue reading

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