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Snapshots: White Wings Where Jesus Walked

I grew up going to Disney World, so I’m used to perfect scenarios designed to capture the imagination of tourists. Disney accomplishes this with carefully sculpted artificial landscapes, animatronic actors, and Hollywood-style special effects. In Israel, the perfect scenarios seem … Continue reading

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Snapshots: The Lamb Without Blemish

Even the most mundane events in Israel can take on unexpected meaning. As we drove into one of the national parks, we saw a large flock of sheep lying down in a wide green pasture. It was a picture straight … Continue reading

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Snapshots: You Never Know Where Your Kids Will Turn Up

During our trip to Israel, my wife and I snapped close to 2000 photos. Not all of them were of biblical or historical interest, of course. Some were touristy shots, such as my wife and I riding a camel with … Continue reading

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